Kaktux – Mexican Restaurant

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First we eat, then we do everything else!

100% Mexican Restaurant

Travel to the beautiful and dear Mexico with our exquisite and traditional preparations that will surely delight your palate and you can always accompany them with a delicious margarita, Mexican or National beer, or why not tequila? 

All our dishes and drinks are prepared with the peculiar Mexican taste that distinguishes Mexican food, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Made with soft corn tortilla, the most famous in Mexico


Wheat tortilla roll filled with meat, rice, beans and vegetables


Kaktux salad, la cabrona or la cesar, you will love them all


Crispy corn chips with melted cheese + ingredientes to choose


Delicious Crispy Chicken or Beef burgers, you choose


Mexican Beer

Mexican or National Beer, or why not tequila?

What do you fancy?

Nachos, Chimichanga, Tacos or Fajitas

It doesn´t matter what you choose, You will enjoy it!

Tacos The perfect
Pozole Tequila + Flautas Wine +

“Religions change, but beer and wine remain.”

Margaritas, National and Mexican Beer
Accompany the tasty food we prepare with a Margarita, National Beer, Mexican Beer, Tequila or Wine

Everyone loves our Food

If you are looking for authentic homemade mexican food, this is your place. With a variety of dishes than you can not find at other restaurants with the samle style, all the dishes first class. The margaritas ara amazing and the treatment was so nice.
- Edwin Isaac Estrada
I fell in love with every single detail! I loved the decoration. It was such a great experience from start to finish. The service is 10/10. The food was delicious! When I was brought a dish I did not want the dish to be finished. Everything was amazing! RECOMENDED!!!
- Merlin Matos
It had been so long since I went to Mexico, but the food of this restaurant has taken me to that wonderful country...michelada, chilaquiles, cochinita tacos and my longed for pozole...Thanks! Thanks por taking me to my beautiful Mexico.
- Eduardo Alvarez